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What is TAP (The Apex Power)?

An organisation known by the name TAP focuses on building a sustainable and green environment wherein we save the current resources for the future generations as well. We focus on utilising renewable energy like Solar energy, Wind energy and Hydropower to produce outstanding socially acceptable results. We wish to promote an environment that is future ready and that is also viable for every consumer. Our aim is to introduce electronic vehicles too in order to reduce the pollution and promote a healthy environment. We seek to change this world and make it a better place to live in.

When was TAP launched?

Company Started in 2018 and the online platform was launched in December 2022

How does TAP generate profits?

We at, TAP produce renewable energy using solar, wind and hydropower in order to save the natural resources from exploitation. We deliver this energy to crypto mining companies and organisations and in return get paid for the energy we provide.

Where is TAP regulated and licensed?

TAP is regulated and licensed in Scotland.

What is the mission of TAP?

"Our mission is to develop a clean renewable energy economy and deliver outcomes that are incomparable and provide zero damage to the environment."

What services does TAP offer?

TAP offers a wide range of services from producing energy in the most sustainable way from hydropower, solar and wind to delivering the same in the form of electricity.

Does TAP work with efficiency?

TAP uses the best personnel and professionals to produce electricity using renewable resources. TAP makes use of the most updated technology to produce outstanding results.

Why do people deal on this platform?

People who know the value of natural resources and wish to contribute to the world to make it a better place to live opt for this kind of energy. The people who seek growth while producing unmatched results choose TAP.

How can I find out about TAP updates?

We know you don't want to miss anything, we often inform our users through social media channels. Since we post everything there, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

What makes renewable energy so crucial?

A few noteworthy advantages of renewable energy are:-

Future energy- Unlike other energy sources, which are limited and will ultimately run out, renewable energy sources will always be available.

Benefits for consumers- By choosing a renewable energy plan, you assist a cleaner environment by helping to integrate renewable energy sources into the electrical system. Renewable energy credits are purchased to promote renewable programmes (RECs).

Is solar energy profitable?

Solar energy is one of the renewable energy sources, it doesn't pollute the environment with damaging radiation, smoke, gas, sulphur, or carbon monoxide. It is referred to as clean energy and environmentally friendly in this regard.

One of the most crucial components to lowering excessive energy prices are solar panels. At the same time, money can be made by selling the extra energy produced compared to what is used.

How does TAP generate a return from solar plants?

In emerging markets, the upfront cost of a solar plant is anywhere between $500 – $800 per kilowatt of panels installed. This includes the cost of skilled labour and equipment such as solar panels, inverters, cables, installation frames, etc.

How do you control and reduce risk?

We take the following measures to manage risks:

1. We collaborate with dependable local partners in our target markets who have a proven track record of setting up and running solar farms;

2. We thoroughly investigate the potential that our partners present. We assess both the customer and the agreements' viability;

3. We keep an eye on the project's progress to guarantee superior design and material procurement; and

4. We demand that our partners purchase insurance to protect all the assets from disasters, theft, fire, etc. This is in addition to the solar panel and inverter warranties that already exist.

What is the solar asset class's performance in the past?

Renewable energy projects have an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 8–9%, a 6% starting dividend yield, and positive real dividend growth.

Returns are influenced by a variety of variables, including:

  • 1) The type of investment (stock, debt, direct project involvement, fund investment, etc.
  • 2) Project location and project size-related risks (political, economic, currency, and regulatory);
  • 3) The capital cost;
  • 4) The calibre of the legal records; and
  • 5) The buyer's reputation and the scope of the project.

Due to their greater risks and lower levels of competition, initiatives in emerging markets typically have better returns than projects in mature countries.

How long has this company been in business?

We launched our company in 2019. As a proof of concept before the company launched, our first solar plant was put into service at the beginning of 2019. All of the facilities we have invested in are still producing clean energy for our clients and giving investors a profit.

Our executive team has more than 75 years of combined experience managing companies in emerging markets, including those in the energy, microfinance, marketing, and technology sectors.

What can be reasonably expected from wind and solar power, given the state of technology?

Future energy sources like wind and solar are probably going to be quite important. The price of electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels has drastically decreased. Continued price drops for photovoltaic solar panels could expand the market for rooftop solar power, while similar advancements in wind turbine performance and price could, in the coming decades, make large-scale on- and offshore wind farms economically viable. If these ongoing improvements are considered as a whole, wind and solar energy may increase from their current, minuscule worldwide levels to something like 15 or 20 percent of the world's electrical supply during the next three to four decades.

How is renewable energy produced? What is it?

Electricity is produced using renewable energy, which is energy derived from renewable natural resources like the sun, wind, and water. Renewable energy is a cleaner, more effective, and more sustainable energy source than fossil fuels, which emit carbon emissions into the environment when burned. It is also replenishable.

For instance, the sun's rays are captured by solar panels to create electricity, whereas a turbine is used to create electricity from wind and hydropower.

Does TAP compare plans for renewable energy?

Yes, there are suppliers in our database that obtain their energy from green sources including solar, wind, and hydroelectricity. Our findings will show what proportion of each plan's energy comes from renewable sources.

How is it better than others in the same business?

We never degrade other businesses but we are simply the best in our field. We promote sustainable products while ensuring that everything we do helps the world in a better and a healthier way.

How long will it take for me to make a profit?

The system will generate profits after you activate any package and the profits are generated daily from Monday to Friday, as well as your affiliate income if you wish to grow your income.

What age is enabled on TAP?

Only adults can use TAP for their energy needs. The age of majority of registration is 18 years and above.

How is my money secure?

Our company provides various sorts of legal certificates and we produce guaranteed results since we have a team of best and expert individuals who are best in the business.

How does TAP secure my account?

We use advanced technologies for the better safety of your account. We always ensure that everything in our system is upgraded as times change.

With TAP, how safe is my money?

We guarantee that your money is handled sensibly and carefully. Our staff takes all necessary organisational and technological steps to ensure that you get the best return on your investment.

How many members are there on TAP?

Numerous people are members of the TAP company. People prefer to work with us because they get various benefits from us.

What are the payment methods TAP accepts?

TAP accepts Bitcoin, Perfect Money, BNB coin (mainnet), Solana, Tron, Ethereum, Dogecoin, XRP, Tether USDT (TRC20) and Litecoin.

How do I modify my password?
  • Use the profile to log in-
  • Select Account.
  • Then select Change Password.
  • Put in the old password
  • Type in a new password
  • Check New Password
  • click "Update Password" button
How can I register?

You can register by simply logging in the page and adding the required credentials like your first and last name, referral Id, position, email Id, mobile number & your password etc.

How to deposit?

You can deposit by first logging in with your required credentials, Post that you will see an option of deposit fund on choosing that option you can begin by adding funds.

What types of wallets does TAP offer?

Working Wallet - All Binary, Referral Income & Advance ROI will reflect in this wallet.

Return Wallet- All daily Return on Investment (ROI) will reflect in this wallet.

Crypto Wallet: All crypto deposited will reflect in this wallet.

Energy Wallet- All Rank & Rewards and internal fund transfer received from Working and ROI wallet will reflect in this wallet,

Royalty Wallet- Only for 250,001 and above Package 1% of Investment Royalty will reflect in this wallet.

Who can register as a user? Do you accept users from all countries?

We are pleased to welcome investors from all over the world. Any individual or company no matter from which country can create an account at TAP.

What services does TAP offer?
  • High security
  • Transparency
  • Fast and instant withdrawals
  • Round-the-clock services
How can I move money from my documents bonus wallet over to my invest wallet?
  • Use the profile to log in.
  • Select Transfer.
  • Invest, select Bonus to Wallet.
  • Your desired transfer amount should be entered.
  • Select Transfer.
Can I deposit money more than once?

It is feasible for you to make several deposits at once.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount a user can withdraw?

The minimum amount a user can withdraw is $25 and rest in multiple of $5.

Can I get instant profit with TAP?

We do not guarantee any instant returns because the profit we generate for you depends on the market. Emerging markets like renewal energy always take time.

Can I re-invest with the same account?

Yes, you can re-invest multiple times from the same account.

At what time does withdrawal gateways open?

Withdrawal gates are open from Monday to Friday. as per the Scotland Server Time.

How to add money to TAP ID?

It will appear in CRYPTO WALLET once you have transferred the funds through the gateway.

1. Access Topup

2. Pick the self radio button.

3. Introduce Member ID (Member ID is your TAP ID)

4. Intermediate the packaging amount

5. Verify

Your total investment will reflect the top-up amount.

Can I cancel payments?

No, payments cannot be cancelled. All transactions are final and are executed immediately. Please note that we are also technically unable to cancel payments from cryptocurrencies. Always double-check your entries to avoid mistakes.

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